Tipping In Las Vegas

When it comes to tipping, there’s pretty much no place else in the world where tipping is so engrained in the culture of everything you’ll do.  This is a city that lives and dies on tips, and because of this you can and should expect a very high level of service no matter what you’re doing while in town.  That being said, most people really don’t know what’s appropriate to tip for different services, so I wanted to compile a list that helps you figure out when and what to give as a gratuity.  Keep in mind these are just general recommendations based on my experiences and you are free to tip as little or as much as your Vegas budget allows.

Bartenders – If you’re just ordering 1 or 2 drinks, leave around $1 – $3, otherwise I usually do 10-15% for a larger bill of drinks only.

Bellmen – I never use these guys but I know a lot of people do, I think $5 is appropriate if they do a good job (meaning they are friendly, show you into your room and explain any features).

Bottle Service Girls – If you have a table in the club, you’ll probably be subject to an auto gratuity of 18%, some people leave more on top but I think that’s more than enough.

Cigarette Girls – These are the girls that walk around the casino selling smokes, I usually give them a few dollars.

Cocktail Waitresses – Specifically the ones that work inside the casino and bring you “free” drinks while you gamble, I usually give $2-$5 (if I’m winning) but $1 per drink is acceptable.

Dealers – This is super subjective and depends on your limits, luck and generosity – throwing a bet for the dealers every so often is very appreciated however.

Front Desk Agents – You definitely don’t need to tip them, however using the 20 dollar trick is a good idea if you are looking for an upgrade.

Go Go Dancers – Some hotels have Go Go Dancers in the casino pit that provide additional entertainment – seems a bit creepy to tip them but I’m sure they’ll accept it, I suggest $5.

Maids – The rule of thumb is $3-$5 per day, but I prefer to just leave around $20 at the end of my trip if the room is clean and well serviced.

Nightclub Bouncers – You don’t have to tip these guys, but you do if you want to skip the line and they usually want $50-$100 per person.

Restaurant Servers – If they are friendly, attentive and provide good service I usually give them 15%-20% of the total bill.

Room Service – There will usually always be an auto gratuity of 10%-15% but I still give a few bucks when they deliver the food.

Slot Attendants – These are the people that pay you when you win a slots jackpot, there is no fixed % and it depends on what you win, but I wouldn’t tip too much.

Taxi Drivers – The standard tip for taxi drivers is around 10% to 20% of the fare, but only do this if they are nice and entertaining (which many in Vegas are).

Taxi Line Guy – At all hotels there is a “taxi line guy” that manages the flow of cabs and opens the door for you, $1-$2 is totally fine.

Valet Attendant – Never have used this service before but the recommendation seems to be $2 for drop-off and $2 for pick-up.

VIP Host – If you have a VIP casino host it’s nice to tip them if they do a good job, most can’t accept cash so gift cards are a good idea.