About The VegasGuy.com Website

VegasGuy.com was founded in early 2014 with a simple mission – to provide our visitors with the best and most comprehensive online guide to Las Vegas. While there are lots of Vegas focused sites on the Internet, we believed that people were looking for something more, a destination where they could consume interesting and in-depth information that covers a lot more than your typical e-commerce site.

Because of that, Vegas Guy was born with a team full of people that are truly passionate about the city and enjoy helping others experience the magic that it Las Vegas. This site wouldn’t exist without the truly excellent team that helps make it possible for me to run and update the site each and every day. Be sure to check us out on Facebook as well as Twitter for the latest updates on absolutely everything going on in Las Vegas.

The Great Team That Runs VegasGuy.com

john-bioJack – I am the founder of Vegas Guy and have been traveling to the city for just over 10 years and have been to Sin City over 25 times.  I oversee the day to day management of the website to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that we are are always striving to offer our visitors the best content possible. You can reach me at admin@vegasguy.com for any site related questions.

mike-bioMichael – Doctor by day, Las Vegas food aficionado by night, Michael writes a bi-weekly food column on Vegas Guy featuring some of the best restaurants the city has to offer.  You can also check out his comprehensive list of reviews on his site Endoedibles or on Yelp to get more insight into a number of his dining experiences worldwide. Michael brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the Vegas Guy team.

casey-bioCasey – As our resident social media expert, Casey helps Vegas Guy stay at the forefront of the Vegas conversation by helping to manage our social media presence. She’s engaged with all the big brands in Sin City to help spread the latest and greatest tips, deals, happenings going on in the city.  From time to time, she also publishes articles on the site on a number of cool topics for our visitors to enjoy.

vlad-bioVlad – the man behind all the beautiful visuals on the site, Vlad is our graphic designer who creates all of the awesome imagery you’ll find on Vegas Guy.  A native of Romania, Vlad is an accomplished designer who is detail driven and works incredibly hard to ensure that all of the images on the site are well done and crafted properly. You can check out some of his portfolio of design work on Deviant Art for inspiration.

glenda-bioSarah – a retired journalist that’s worked for some of the largest publications in America, Sarah is one of our staff writers that covers hotel reviews, restaurants and the latest news coming from Las Vegas.  As an avid writer, she enjoys thoroughly researching topics for the site to ensure that we give visitors all the little details that they might be looking for to ensure they have all the info for they need.