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10 Awesome Websites About Las Vegas


Truly great websites about Las Vegas are somewhat of a rare commodity these days, with most sites existing solely for the purpose of selling you something or promoting a business.  That being said, there are a number of truly excellent places on the web that you can read about, or discuss anything and everything related to Sin City.  Below we’ve broken down some of Vegas Guy’s favourites places to consume Vegas related content and get the scoop on exactly what’s going on in the city: – owned and operated by Scott Roeben, who happens to be the Interactive Marketing Manager for the Freemont Street experience.  Vital Vegas is one of the best sites for new and interesting articles about the city and features cool insights from someone thats “in the biz”. – one of the more popular Vegas message boards, VF features hundreds of topics to discussing anything and everything related to Las Vegas.  One of the best parts of this forum are the detailed trip reports by members including stories from some big high rollers. – the epic centre of discussion about Vegas, VMB is the largest forum 100% dedicated to talking about every single aspect of LV.  From hotel information to comps and highly entertaining trip reports, VMB is not to be missed for inside Vegas info. – run by Mitch and Dr. Kev, Tipping The Odds features entertaining pod casts about all things going on in Vegas right now.  With over 20 years experience of being in Vegas, their pod casts are a great place to get a handle on Vegas. – another popular discussion forum on a number of different Vegas related topics, Las Vegas 4 Ever is a great choice for getting innovative tips on navigating Sin City.  The site has been around since 2008 and has thousands of threads full of useful advice for visitors.

Caesars Blog – although it’s expectedly bias towards their own properties, the Caesars blog is quite entertaining and has great articles on the best things to do while in town.  There is also an extensive dining section covering all of the great restaurants featured throughout their hotels. – a site about…you guessed it – comps! Ur Comped is an independant host website whereby players can get freebies at numerous hotels in Vegas.  What’s cool about this site is that they have details on all the major comp offers from properties all over the strip. – run by John Curtas, this is one of the quintessential blogs for foodies visiting Las Vegas and features numerous reviews and write ups of everything food.  At present, the site has over 800 pages of articles detailing the various cuisines of Las Vegas. – one of the most popular Vegas food blogs on the planet, Endoedibles features highly detailed reviews of some of the cities best restaurants.  What’s cool about this blog is the sheer number of pictures, each and every dish is displayed with great detail.

Nomadic Matt – a hugely popular travel blog, Nomadic Matt’s travel section on Vegas has great articles on saving money in the city as well as other fun things to do in Las Vegas.  The sites section on Vegas is pretty small, but it’s got some useful content especially for first time visitors.

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